A great article and super interesting from CNN – worth a read..




It would seem that this virtual “water cooler” we have been banging on about for a while now is really well and truly working its magic. 


In Australia we only have to listen to the commentary of the ever cool Mr Jim Courier on 7’s coverage of the Aus Open to hear the constant references to Fango and twitter, and its clear at least from twitters perspective there is a lot of chatter out there on the tennis.  That said its still the Tennis we are there to watch and the drama on twitter is never likely to that of a live sporting event.


What’s different between Live Sport and a Telecast of the Golden Globes is, well the comedy.  Its pretty obvious that the producers enlisted the likes of Gervais because he will attract comment and PR for the show, but did they really plan for to make their TV show more appealing via the snarky (celeb bashing) back stream? Which in advertently brought them better ratings. In the case of the Golden Globes it’s clear that the back channel has actually improved the popularity of the program and attracted a greater viewer-ship and ultimately more rad revenue.


Yahoo and Seven are trying to commercialise this opportunity via their Fango App, sure its got some ads in it, but the numbers are pretty low right now and the content needs major improvements to make it better than the alternatives, but its a good strategy and opportunity.

 I’m loving watching and now back channelling this space.


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