This view point comes to us from Sydney Account Director Emily McConnell        

1. In your opinion, what are some of the most important ways in which digital media is affecting the way people consume media?

Immediacy… everything you could ever want to know is now, quite literally, at your finger tips. Digital allows people to consume media / content where ever, whenever and however they want. What other channel gives consumers that sort of control?

2. Do you think that digital media will have broader outcome on the way in which people live their lives? If so, how?
It absolutely has. Digital has already changed the way in which we stay connected to our friends, family and even society. It has changed the way in which we work; how we consume news; how we are entertained. Kids are now growing up in a society where they have access to all sorts of information from word go, it completely changes how they learn, who they trust and even the kinds of people they are exposed to. Most of us are already permanently connected via things like Facebook or our smartphone…. this is only going to increase further as technology develops and new platforms / mediums are created. Even my 85yr old grandma has a mobile and is connected to the internet. While it doesn’t shape her life in the way it does mine, it means she can contact the ‘outside world’ whenever she likes!
3. What affect is this having on the way brands and advertisers go about communicating with consumers?
Brands can’t continue to communicate with consumers in the same way they once did. Shouting messages at them is not going to cut it any more. Consumers have far more control over their media experience, as there are a so many different options available to them. If brands don’t add value to this experience, consumers will go elsewhere to get what they want.

4. Are new and fragmented digital media types a blessing or a curse for brands when it comes to reaching and communicating with consumers? Why?

It can be a bit of both, it all depends on how you look at it. Consumers are engaging will so many different channels / environments, so reaching them can be more time consuming and costly. However as brand, if you get the channel mix, tactics and message right, you will reap the benefits.

5. Do you think that the media or advertising person of today is different to those of the industry 50 years ago? Do they require a different skill set or personality? If so, how have they changed over time?

In some ways advertising people are the same e.g. personality, drive, passion for consumer behaviour etc. However I do think that it is increasingly important to be open to change and new things. Every day, technology and digital media in particular, are changing the way consumers engage with media and advertising messages. As the people responsible for connecting brands with these consumers, we need to be able to adapt to change and recognise the opportunities just as quickly (and effectively) as consumers adopt them, regardless of medium.

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